Section One

Name Benji
Age 10 Months
Sex Male
Location London
Neutered Yes
Microchipped Yes
Tail Long

Section Two

man People Status Benji loves people. He will bring a toy to greet visitors with and loves it when anyone comes home. He is friendly when out and about and doesn't jump up
dog Dog Status Benji has been in foster care with a mix of breeds and different-sized dogs. He loves to play and will spend a lot of time in the home and garden playing with other dogs. He will be very happy in a home with a dog that wants to play. He will be equally happy to play with other dogs either in your home or theirs. Every once is a while he will decide that something is his and will chase the other dog off, but this is minimal and a totally normal dog behaviour
cat Cat Status Not cat tested
handling Handling (Grooming) He is happy to be bathed. He is happy to have debris picked out of his fur, but gets bored when brushed. He has not been shaved off so anyone who likes a spaniel to have a hand stripped coat could do this once he gets used to it
training Training Obedient with good basic training. His recall is good when let off the lead. He does pull on the lead sometimes but this is getting better and better
travel Travel He travels very well in the car. He will sit on a seat with a car harness on or will go in the boot
home Home Alone He is happy to be left provided he has been exercised properly beforehand and has somethings to entertain him when you go out. However, he is not happy to be shut away from the family. He slept in the bedroom with his owner previously and likes to wander in and out. If shut out he gets confused and unhappy and barks. He does sleep mainly on the floor, but does like to snuggle up sometimes
house training House Training He is clean if toileted regularly. He can get distracted when going out last thing at night for a wee but will use a pad if caught short
health Health Generally good, but he has had sore eyes previously and is happy to have drops put in. He has been recently neutered and fully health checked


Other Comments: Although we have had no problem with this in the 6 weeks Benji has been with us, we have been told that Benji can get over excited and when he does he mouths as that is what spaniels are bred to do. Any owner should take this into account and not engage in over stimulating play with him. He is happiest when you are walking him and he is sniffing and having lots of things to chew on in the home.

New owners: He is being rehomed because his previous owner was in his mid seventies and struggled to give him the activity and exercise he needed. Benji is an active dog. He needs plenty of exercise and lots of things to do. He is a spaniel and wants to be with you doing things. He loves a chew and loves toys. He is not ball obsessed. He just likes to be a spaniel and carry things around. He will be great in an active home. He is not suitable to be left for extended periods.

Section Three

Area Coordinator email
Sharon Freeman