Section One

Name Charlie
Age 7 Years
Sex Male
Location Suffolk
Neutered Yes
Microchipped Yes
Tail Long

Section Two

people People Status Good loves people, but is too boisterous for young children
dog Dog Status Good, though we think he would be better as an only dog. A bit overbearing for the resident dog and does not like to share his toys
cat Cat Status We have been told he will chase -though he ignores chickens!
handling Handling (Grooming) Good
travel Travel Good
home Home Alone Good though Charlie was left too long in his previous home, so we want to find him a home where people will be mostly around
house training House Training Good
training Training Good basics, can be engaged but with the concentration span of a gnat -at the moment (life is very exciting!). Goodish recall though I am sure he will respond well to further training. Can be strong on a lead though not too bad on a halti -again this will improve with more training
health Health Good, bit overweight, unfit, but fantastic teeth


Other Comments: I am looking for an active retired home for Charlie. He is just loving having company in foster and lots of exercise. A bit pushy and quite boisterous, so he needs good leadership.

Fosterer's Update: Charlie is much leaner and fitter and is now interested in everything around him while out on his walks. We are using a gentle leader and a really long lead on walks and he is responding well. We have met a number of dogs and not encountered any problems. He is a joy to have around and we hope he finds a home he deserves soon.

Section Three

Area Coordinator email
Rebecca Downie