Section One

Name Ella
Age 6 Years, Nov 2012
Sex Female
Location Essex
Neutered Yes
Microchipped Yes
Tail Long

Section Two

people People Status Worried by strangers, but quickly gains trust and is very affectionate and loyal. Has lived happily with very young children and fine with fosterers children aged 11 and 13yrs
dog Dog Status Good on the whole, will play with known friendly dogs but may bark at unknown dogs. Currently in foster with 4 sociable dogs without issue
cat Cat Status Will chase
handling Handling (Grooming) Loves it from trusted people, but may air snap at strangers invading her space therefore muzzling at vets and groomers would be advised
travel Travel Good
home Home Alone Good on the whole, but may bark and whine initially
house training House Training Good
training Training Knows basics; Sit, Down, Come, Paw. Strong on the lead
health Health Good, and has now slimmed down to her ideal weight


New Owners: Patient, physically able owners prepared to give Ella a little time and space to learn to trust them and without lots of new different visitors would be ideal. A retired couple could be perfect and Ella would accept regular sensible visiting grandchildren once known to her.

Fosterer's comment: Ella is a very energetic, loving sweet girl but needs time to trust people. Correct procedure should be followed to introduce visitors to the home, and when out should strangers invade her space. Ella has progressed really well on walks with clicker / reward training when passing strangers and looks forward to getting her treats so it is really easy to keep her focus on you. She can also learn to accept regular visitors with the aid of food rewards. Ella really loves her food and has ingenious ways to supplement her rations so owners will need to be on the ball! Playful and funny, she will make some lucky people a delightful companion. Ella can be high maintenance at times but she really is a big softy at heart and chills out nicely at home when allowed to be with you at the centre of things, It is all she really wants, …..and food of course, …..lots and lots of food.

Section Three

Area Coordinator email
Rebecca Downie