Section One

Name Hollie
Age 1 year (06/10/2018)
Sex Female
Location Near Norwich, Norfolk
Neutered Yes
Microchipped Yes
Tail Long

Section Two

people People Status Initially wary, but if ignored is fine very quickly
dog Dog Status Good (if wary) out and about, but does not really like sharing her humans. She has accepted being put in her place by a dominant female Cocker, but runs roughshod over more subservient dogs
cat Cat Status Good in the house, but will chase outside.
handling Handling (Grooming) Good
travel Travel Good, gets a bit unsettled in slow traffic
home Home Alone Not tested in foster. Has separation anxiety and was destructive and messed in previous home(s)
house training House Training Good
training Training Knows very basic commands (sit and occasionally wait) but because of the separation anxiety her recall is good
health Health Good


Other Comments: Hollie is the sweetest, loving dog, but new owners will need to understand her separation anxiety. She needs to know, and preferably see, where you are at all times. I have worked up to leaving her in the car while I pop into a shop, for a maximum of 10 minutes, but she whinges and barks if I leave her indoors to cross the road to post a letter or go out to feed the chickens. It will take perseverance and lots of time to be able to leave her but there are signs this will be possible. She is remarkably more relaxed than when she first arrived 6 weeks ago and is extremely pleased to see you when you return! Hollie will need to sleep in the bedroom. Although we have progressed from on our bed, to in her own bed -she will scrabble over a stair gate to get to you so trying to leave her in a different room or downstairs is not possible at the moment. Hollie is not good at sharing her humans. Out and about she has no problems if other dogs come over to say hello but in the house she tries to dominate and resource guard (only humans, we have not found she guards anything else). I would suggest she is an only dog unless the other one is confident and playful. She has discovered the joys of playing with dogs on walks and regular contact with other young dogs would be beneficial. Hollie is adorable but has had a lot of upheaval in her short life so will need steady, patient and consistent owners who are prepared to take the time to get to know her and work with her issues.

Fosterer's Update: Hollie makes me smile, she makes me laugh, but there is eye-rolling exasperation as well! She is now just a typical Spaniel about sharing her humans, very infrequently growling at any of my dogs if they come too close, and will even share a bed with my Cocker on occasion. Although she still needs to know where you are all the time she does not need to cuddle up to you of an evening and will settle down on the floor or dog bed quite happy to sleep while you watch the tv. Do not be fooled by the short video, she loves swimming. A walk is not a walk if it doesn’t involve at least one swim! She is not allowed the ball at any other time as she becomes completely obsessed and will bounce off your chest if you don’t throw it quickly enough. She is much more confident on a walk generally and has discovered the joys of pheasant chasing (nothing caught yet!) but returns when called. She is a super, pretty, lively Springer (possibly Cocker cross) who is a hit with everyone she meets (even if she barks at them first...).

Section Three

Area Coordinator email
Rebecca Downie