Section One

Name Lithia
Age 5 and a half
Sex Female
Location Somerset
Neutered Yes
Microchipped Yes
Tail Long

Section Two

man People Status Very friendly
dog Dog Status Fine with dogs that she meets out and about and has lived with other dogs, but will resource guard her food and is possessive of her toys
cat Cat Status Unknown
handling Handling (Grooming) Very happy to be handled and groomed
training Training Lithia is well trained and is calm and affectionate in the house, has reasonable obedience, walks well to heel on a halti and recalls well to a whistle when out
travel Travel Travels well in a crate or sometimes on the back seat
home Home Alone Lithia is happy to be left for periods of time and does not howl, chew or bark
house training House Training Lithia is house trained
health Health Lithia is a fit and healthy dog with the slight exception of post spay incontinence which is controlled by medication. Allergy to cooked chicken and rice


Other Comments: Lithia would best be rehomed as an only dog, and will make someone a lovely affectionate companion. She is a clever girl and would appreciate an active home with plenty of mental stimulation – such as “seek games”, off lead exercise and ideally somewhere she can have a swim sometimes.

Section Three

Area Coordinator email
Hilary Ritchie