Section One

Name Luna
Age 14 Months (August 2018)
Sex Female
Location Essex
Neutered Yes (recently by ESSW)
Microchipped Yes
Tail Long

Section Two

people People Status Loves people, wary of very small children
dog Dog Status Good with all dogs, (in foster with 5)
cat Cat Status High prey drive and will chase
handling Handling (Grooming) Good
travel Travel Good
home Home Alone Not good! Luna has significant separation anxiety
house training House Training Excellent
training Training Knows the basics and willing to learn more, can pull strongly or suddenly on lead. Good recall
health Health Excellent


Other Comments: Luna is a very sweet girl, affectionate and friendly to all, but not over confident and can be quite timid at times, especially when faced with new experiences or situations.

New Owners: Luna needs someone home all the time. We are confident her separation anxiety can be improved upon but want her to succeed in her new home so someone around all the time would be best for her, and if neighbours complaints are to be avoided! Luna needs any confident behaviour rewarded and would benefit from a canine companion or multi dog home to provide additional support and lessen human dependency. Luna has been used to sleeping on her former owners bed.

Fosterers Update: Luna has settled really well into foster with 5 other canine companions. She enjoys playing with the playful ones and respects being put in her place by confident dogs, however she will harass any that don’t stand up to her- so will need confident self assured canine companions able to tell her "no!" for a harmonious house hold. Luna is frightened of vaccuum cleaners, hairdryers, daffodils and tin foil. Positive reward based training needed when new or worrying things are encountered. However Luna is not permaently nervous and when feeling secure is like any other scatty and rambunctious young springer. We have been working on her seperation anxiety and on lead pulling but these will be ongoing issues in a new home so prospective owners need to take the requirement for further training into account before applying. Luna is a typically lively and active youngster and enjoys "working" the garden and on walks. She has a high prey drive so anything that flies or scurries is of interest. Luna is fully recovered from her spay operation and is now ready for her forever home.

Section Three

Area Coordinator email
Rebecca Downie