Section One

Name Mandy
Age 7 Years
Sex Female
Location Devon
Neutered Yes
Microchipped Yes
Tail Long

Section Two

people People Status Good
dog Dog Status Good
cat Cat Status No contact
handling Handling (Grooming) Good, although can be nervous around her tail
training Training Good recall, likes to play ball, will walk nicely when asked
travel Travel Good
home Home Alone Can be left for a few hours, no problem
house training House Training House trained
health Health For now Mandy needs routine blood tests every 6 months, ESSW will cover the cost, she is taking no medication but was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder in 2015, there has been no recurrence of this condition for the past 6 months and it is hoped that she is now fit and well
diet Special Diet Mandy is fed a raw diet using Natures Menu and any new owner would be expected to continue feeding this way


Other Comments: Although Mandy travels well it is advised that until she knows you a lead is kept on in the car as sometimes she is reluctant to get out of it! Mandy is a sweet Springer and very affectionate once she gets to know you. Mandy was signed in to our care after her owner passed away. She can shadow chase on sunny days when outside, but appears fine indoors.

Section Three

Area Coordinator email
Sandy Waldon