Section One

Name Minnie
Age 4 years
Sex Female
Location Gloucestershire
Neutered Yes
Microchipped Yes
Tail Half Dock

Section Two

people People Status Good very friendly. If children in the house, older teenagers only
dog Dog Status Good as long as they don't invade her space
cat Cat Status Barks at and would chase
cat Livestock Status Barks at and would chase
handling Handling (Grooming) Enjoys
travel Travel Good
home Home Alone No problems, will settle in crate
house training House Training No problems
training Training Needs firm leadership
health Health Good, but overweight


Other Comments: Minnie is a lovely girl who likes her cuddles, but does guard things that she has stolen. She also (but not every time) dislikes her collar being touched and will mean business. For this reason she will only be re homed to someone who's worked with this before. Under no circumstances will Minnie be re homed with children only older teenagers who will understand. She can live with other dogs but I feel she will do better on her own.

Section Three

Area Coordinator email
Kim Pulham