Section One

Name Murphy
Age 7 Years (May 2011)
Sex Male
Location Essex
Neutered Yes
Microchipped Yes
Tail Long

Section Two

people People Status Good with trusted people, loves children but will not be rehomed with them
dog Dog Status Friendly, but frightened of Alsations
cat Cat Status Will chase
handling Handling (Grooming) Once Murphy trusts you he is fine,but can be anxious with unknown or over affectionate people
travel Travel Excellent
home Home Alone Excellent
house training House Training Excellent
training Training Very good, Murphy knows many commands and general words
health Health Has extensive vet records, but is in very good health with no ongoing concerns


Other Comments: Murphy is a lovely dog who is being rehomed reluctantly by his owner. He has been well loved and cared for but due to a change in circumstances needs more stability and routine in his life. Murphy is generally a relaxed and well-adjusted dog but has a few easily managed quirks. He can be anxious if over fussed or under perceived threat and will defend himself if pushed. He will guard his bed and certain toys, so limited access to toys under controlled circumstances recommended and he should be left alone if he has retired to his bed.

Murphy must not be crated or kennelled. Providing these few simple rules are followed he is a really easy dog, affectionate and a relaxed sweetheart. He could live happily as an only dog or with a well matched bitch.

Section Three

Area Coordinator email
Rebecca Downie