Section One

Name Ollie
Age 1 year 10 months
Sex Male
Location North Devon
Neutered Yes
Microchipped Yes
Tail Docked

Section Two

people People Status Excellent and has lived with young children but can be very boisterous
dog Dog Status No problem meeting other dogs but loves to play and can become excitable!
cat Cat Status Has lived with a cat, but may chase
handling Handling (Grooming) No problem just wriggly
travel Travel Ok
home Home Alone Can be left a few hours, but will whine
house training House Training May have the occasional accident due to his condition, but has been clean at night in his crate
training Training Ollie has had very little training or experience of the outside world, he will need work with lead walking and recall, another confident dog with good recall would be a great help to Ollie
health Health Ollie has had 2 episodes of seizures following his last booster vaccination, we are currently monitoring his condition but he has shown no signs of epilepsy since being in foster care which is surprising as he has been quite stressed at times. He is being fed a raw diet and we would be looking for a new owner prepared to feed the same way and to not vaccinate Ollie again, so he couldn’t have a pet passport or board in kennels which would require vaccinations


Other Comments: Ollie is a huge overgrown puppy that will need a calm owner with time to commit to this lovely dog, he has no aggression in him at all, he just wants to play and have fun but he also has very little manners! He’s a clever dog that would benefit from keeping active with a familiar routine.

Section Three

Area Coordinator email
Sandy Waldon