Section One

Name Spencer
Age 4 Years
Sex Male
Location London
Neutered Yes
Microchipped Yes
Tail Long

Section Two

people People Status Given the choice Spencer will spend most of his time with his owners. He does not demand a lot of attention and will lie quietly or play gently with a ball or toy next to you. However, he does sometimes take a long time to settle and will try to jump up to beside you and then jump off again He is nervous of meeting some new people in the house and can bark at first but is happy to meet people when outside. He is very friendly with people he knows and has got better and better meeting strangers the longer he has been in foster with us. He has met children when out and seems to have no issue
dog Dog Status Spencer has been in foster care with a mix of breeds and different sized dogs. Although he has got used to being with a lot of dogs his dog skills are not very good and he much prefers humans so should be an only dog. He generally ignores dogs when out and prefers to spend time exploring. He would not like day care but if you have dogs that visit, he should be able to cope with visiting dogs, but may compete if they try to take his toys etc
cat Cat Status Not tested with cats
handling Handling (Grooming) Spencer is ok to be bathed and to have his nails clipped. He quite enjoys brushing and likes it when you remove bits of grass etc from his fur. He is happy to be physically handled and likes to lie alongside you and rest his head on your lap
travel Travel Spencer travels reasonably well in the car. He does get excited on shorter journeys as it might mean the park, but when travelling on longer journeys he will lie down and sleep
home Home Alone Spencer was not used to being left on his own in his previous home. He is fine being left at home with our other dogs but wants to look out the window when you have gone. He does not bark, and this seems to settle him
house training House Training Spencer is toilet trained. He did have a few accidents when swollen after castrating plus he did “mark” a few new things which is common with uncastrated males, but this stopped a few weeks post castration. He will just need sending outside a lot when you first have him to establish a toilet habit
training Training Obedient with good basic training. Pulls on the lead but walks very well on a figure of 8 slips lead but can try to get it off his nose on the odd occasion.
health Health A fit and active dog with no health issues. When castrated the Vet found a large grass seed in his ear which he had showed no signs of having so he will need an ear check after each summer


Other Comments: Spencer came from a dog owner who unfortunately developed Alzheimer’s. He has not had a lot of experience meeting people in the home environment and was not walked for several years. He was initially handed over to the RSPCA and was so scared in their kennels it was impossible to tell whether he was trained or not. He has blossomed in foster care and simply needs calm owners who are prepared to take time settling him in.

Section Three

Area Coordinator email
Sharon Freeman