Section One

Name Willow
Age 6 months
Sex female
Location London
Neutered No
Microchipped Yes
Tail Half-Dock

Section Two

people People Status Given the choice Willow will spend a lot of her time with her owners. She does not demand a lot of attention and will lie playing with toys next to you. She likes to meet new people but is not the most confident dog and will lie on the ground and roll over onto her back in submission when approached. Once she gets her confidence she will approach people and is very friendly with both adults and children
dog Dog Status Willow has been in foster care with a mix of breeds and different sized dogs. She loves to play and enjoys meeting all dogs when she is out for a walk, but can get scared on occasion with dogs that rough play. She will benefit from living with at least one other dog. She could live with an active playing dog or with an older dog because she is respectful of all dogs
cat Cat Status Not tested with cats
handling Handling (Grooming) Willow is ok to be bathed and to have her nails clipped, but it is not her favourite activity. She will allow brushing but is typical of a young dog and can be quite wriggly. She is happy to be physically handled but prefers to lie beside you or on the floor at your feet rather than to be held or cuddled
travel Travel She was very fearful of the car at first and we have been working on this by taking her on very short journeys with a walk at the end. She is significantly better and will jump in and out of the car with encouragement now. When travelling on longer journeys she will curl up with her blanket and sleep
home Home Alone She can bark for a short period of time (approximately 1 to 2 minutes) on occasion when people leave the house, but is generally happy to be left with dogs. As she is very young she must not be left for extended periods of time
house training House Training Willow came into foster and regressed with her toilet training which is common when young dogs move homes. This is likely to occur again on rehoming and owners will need to re-establish a toilet routine with her. She is trained to use puppy pads
training Training Pulls on the lead and this needs work, but is improving. Sits on command. Recall excellent. Will wait and will lie down on command, but is an excitable young dog so this is not perfect
health Health A fit and active young dog. Loves exercise and can be out for hours but does need to rest on long walks. She can get upset stomachs and her diet needs to be carefully managed


Other Comments: Willow came into foster with ESSW as she was stealing items and hiding behind the sofa with them and refusing to give them up. This is a normal behaviour in many puppies and dogs but was a source of great frustration to her owners and it got to the point where she was growing and nipping when they tried to force her to give up items. Since being in foster she has shown absolutely no aggression. She has responded well to behaviour modification and will now give up anything when asked. Her new owners will need to continue this work. Willow's co-ordinator will discuss in detail what this will involve but it is straight forward training. Although confident in the house, she is fearful outside. This is probably because she was raised in a barn and had no experience of the outside world. She is much more confident when with another dog and ideally should live with another dog. Willow is a good natured and very active puppy who is always “doing something” so preference will be given to potential owners who have had an active Springer Spaniel puppy or similar active breed puppy in the past and know what their needs are. As she is so young Willow cannot be spayed until agreed by ESSW under Veterinary guidance.

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Area Coordinator email
Sharon Freeman