Section One

Name Winston
Age 1 Year
Sex Male
Location Norfolk
Neutered Yes
Microchipped Yes
Tail Half-Dock

Section Two

man People Status Winston is very good natured and affectionate, but shy with strangers.He was very calm when he first came into ESSW care, but as his confidence has grown, he is much more like a typical youngster. Will jump up/be mouthy when over excited, so no young children
dog Dog Status Good and growing in confidence at meeting unknown dogs
cat Cat Status Unknown
handling Handling (Grooming) Good
training Training Excellent on a lead. Has enjoyed over a month of intensive training, mainly working on the good night time routine he now has. He is now much more engaged and wants to "work", recall is good as long as there is not too much scent. Clever dog that would enjoy more training
travel Travel Good
home Home Alone Good
house training House Training Good
health Health Good


New owners: Winston is progressing daily with boundaries in place and is ready to further his training in his new home. New owners must have time and enjoy training, for Winston to reach the potential his fosterer can see in him. Winston needs to live with another dog that is calm, confident and a good role model (and some time playmate). On his own he is showing signs of Separation Anxiety

Other Comments: A great dog much enjoyed by his foster carer. A delight!.

Section Three

Area Coordinator email
Rebecca Downie