My new Mum & Dad said I should keep in touch – which is great! They thought you would like to know what has happened since you last saw me, so here we go (hope you’ve got a few minutes spare): First of all, I had a great time at Georgia’s – she’s fun and I loved it with all the other dogs. Anyway, she got in touch with some people called ‘English Springer Spaniel Welfare’, who love dogs just like me and understand when we sometimes need a new home. They are really fussy about making sure that we go somewhere nice – and so was Georgia! The lady from there came to get me from Georgias and took me to a place called Kent. She was very very nice and kept telling me what a good boy I was. Everything was going well, until we went into her house. She’s got 2 Springers (a lot hairier than me and kind of posh) one was ok, but the other one didn’t seem to like me very much and did some growling. I laughed when she told him off but he didn’t look very happy about it! So, this nice lady took me to some people who she knew would like to meet me. They have two dogs – but they are just little and …….…..GIRLS! Molly is the mum dog and Beryl is her little girl. They growled at me a bit when I sniffed their bums but let me come into their house and showed me their beds and toys. (They had a toy box full of cuddly toys!! – Dozens of them – Yum Yum!!) I met a man and another lady and they said that I could stay with them. Their big dog (a German Shepherd called Jack) had died last year and they were still a bit sad. The lady smiled and said straight away that I was lovely. Her husband showed me around their garden (it’s got lots of great smells and stuff to explore). He winked at me and said “welcome home mate”. Well, they didn’t make too much fuss or anything, just treated me like I had always been there and told the girls off if they did too much growling (apparently, girls don’t like having their bums sniffed by boys– or something like that). They got me a nice new crate and stuck toys and sweets in it, so I have my own place. How cool is that? It’s like having my own room or a flat! I don’t get shut in it, it’s just somewhere I can go that’s mine and my old bed and blanket are in there too! Of course, Molly and Beryl like my new pad and come in to see me, rather than go in their own ones. (Molly’s crate is …..guess what?........ PINK!!) Mine and Beryls are black – but Molly is apparently a ‘Proper Princess’ or something. She doesn’t jump and play with me like Beryl does cos she’s a bit old. Beryl seems to want to sleep on top of me but it makes me wiggle and she falls off.

Beryl and Mollie

This is Beryl and Molly

Also, they have a cat called Yoda who is big and fluffy – and ginger! He’s alright but doesn’t seem to want to play much yet and keeps ignoring me when I try. There’s what’s called a ‘lazy bugger’ living here too. His name is Tom and he’s cool. Dunno why they say he’s lazy, he likes laying with me on the sofa a lot but has to go to work in the daytime because he’s 23. I’d like to spend hours and hours on his bed with him playing Playstation but I’m not allowed upstairs. He’s got a brother called Josh who’s 19 but I haven’t met him yet because he is at Uni. He loves animals and is studying animal science so that he can be a vet or work with critters. I’ve heard Mandy saying that me and him will be bestist mates when he comes home cos he will love me lots. Looking forward to meeting him, could mean even more walks! Hey, let me tell you about my embarrassing second night here! OMG, I didn’t quite know the procedure in the house for going for wees and poos. I’d done a couple during the day and we all got let out at night before going to bed but I had had an exciting day and forgot to go. Well, I woke up in the night and was busting! And I really mean BUSTING!! You know how clean I am? Well, I didn’t know what to do. Should I bark? Scratch at the door? I didn’t want to wake everyone up, so I decided I’d have to poop on the wooden floor! I said I was busting, blimey – I must have been saving it up! I ended up doing loads of it! It went all the way down the hall and I only stopped when I got near to my bed! Well, you should have seen the looks that I got from Molly and Beryl! (Smelt ok to me, but you know what girls are like!?) Anyway, in the morning, the lady (my new mum - Mandy) started to come down stairs and then went back up and said “I think you need to go and see to your new dog love” YOUR new dog?? The day before I thought I heard her say that I was HER new dog! ;o) Anyway, he came down stairs and saw all the poo piles - I just hid under my paws! Then, guess what? He started laughing and picked me up from my bed! He said “Sorry Alfie, that’s my fault. I didn’t reallise you needed a poo so badly” He took me out in the garden and put me down without a single moan, he really felt sorry for me and was a bit impressed when I popped a couple more poos out on the lawn! I told you I was BUSTIN!! He just told me I was a good boy for going in the garden. (He left to explore while he went in and cleaned up – oops!) So, even though I already knew that these were nice people, I was sure that they would always be kind to me now. (Since then, I haven’t had any problems and make sure that me and the girls always go out for wees and poos before bed.)

Alfie fields

That's me on the way to the pub!

Blimey! I’ve got loads to tell you. Did I say that I live in the country now? Right opposite our house is nothing but fields. There is a road but not a proper one, only one car at a time can go up or down it, it’s called a lane. So, when I go for walks its always nice fields and lovely smells. To make me walk nice on the lead I get treats (special doggy ones!) for doing what I’m told. I am quite good already and have started to learn how to do other stuff – like you used to teach me. Sometimes we walk about three miles over some fields, there’s a village with a pub that likes dogs and everyone thinks I am great and is really happy that Simon has found another dog after losing Jack last year. They even said that they want a picture of me to put on the wall. Once he’s had a couple of shandys ;0), and people have made a fuss of me and I’ve played with the other dogs, we walk back across the fields so that we can have our dinner! How bad’s that!!??

Alfie worktop

Me helping out in the office

Oh, guess what? Simon works in what he calls converted farm buildings. It’s an office and there’s only him and me there. There are some people in other offices and a duck pond and some stables and stuff, but just me and him share an office, so I’ve got my own bed and water bowl and can go with him every day. On the way, we drive through more lanes and stop for a walk in the woods where I chase around and he blows a whistle (dunno why but he says it will be even more fun when I can understand what the whistle means cos then I might get to find some of the creatures that I can smell – we’ll see!) When it’s time for a break, we just go out and walk around the fields at work (well, he does. I belt around at full speed, looking for these pheasant things that are hiding from me in the grass and bushes). Simon says that I have to go on a course before I can do anymore work on his computer! Of course I am not naughty much and if I am, I don’t get told off, they just get me to do something else that isn’t naughty and then give me a pat or a treat. So I’m learning what things get treats and what things don’t and am told that I am a clever boy who must have been very well brought up!! In fact, they say that I have the best personality of any dog they have ever met and that my previous owners should be rightfully proud of me! How’s that!!?? OMG, I think Simon’s coming back, I’d better go before he sees I’ve been on his desk again and using his computer. I will keep in touch. Lots of Love.

German Shepherd

Me and one of my new mates when we went out for the day with our mum's and dad's

Tree dog

I'm looking for pesky pigeons! I am sure that they live in this tree, but ... I didn't find any.