As an aspiring writer, it behoves me to put pen to paper in an effort to regale the reader with a tale of adventure and joyous revelr

A short story that stems from uncertain beginnings, whereupon my two brothers, Doc and Finnegan and I, found ourselves in splendid company near a market town in East Wales, at the home of Maria and John Kibble. Their unbounded love and affection for my siblings and I, provided us with a safe haven, where we thrived and grew strong. Our futures were discussed at length by knowledgeable and kindly folk, all seeking to establish a more permanent solution to our predicament; that being to provide the wherewithal for my brothers and I to secure our place in this world. Perhaps a wealthy benefactor might see us provided with an allowance that would provide a basic education? However, hope upon hope, perhaps we might find those willing to welcome us into their home to share in the warmth and the love of a true family. At this point, my siblings and I are required to be brave and show great fortitude, as fate sees us separated, and our fortunes sought in potentially disparate ways. Here, my own adventure starts, and so those of my brothers; but of their stories I have not an inkling. I can only convey this point of my existence as one of great excitement. My sojourn with the Kibbles, introduced me to a family looking for a likely lad who could turn his paw to a few healthy, outdoor pursuits. My journey from here proved to be so exciting that I have forgotten most of what happened, so thrilling was the whole experience. I now reside in the variable climes of Somerset, and spend my day running and springing with my brothers Blaize and Mac, and being put through my paces under the watchful eye of my mentor, my sister Poppy. My mother is most beautiful and as pleasant as a warm summer breeze. I embrace her as often as is possible, as she adores me even more as each day passes. My father is a stern man, but with a heart of gold. I find a high spring with a wagging tail and a smile soon melts his iron will. In short, he’s easily won over; unlike Poppy, who is a considerable force to be reckoned with. Still, she is my sister and I love her, and I know she loves me. I’m sure I’m doing well and will find a favourable report when term ends.

Dickens two

I should draw this part of my tale to its conclusion, as I’m both tired and the hour is late. To find a suitable ending is quite easy: life is wonderful; I only hope Doc and Finnegan have half my happiness for they will be in their own reverie; and there’s nothing Dickensian about that.

Dickens, aka Smartie, one of 3 puppy brothers, was rehomed by ESS in Dec 2011